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Che cosa, combini Sam?

Illustraties: Alice Hoogstad

Originele titel: Kom uit die kraan! (Lemniscaat, 0)

La gita scholastica

'School is fun,' Bastiano´s mother said. 'There are children to play with. And sometimes the whole school goes on a school trip.'

Batioano has to go to school for the very first time and he is scared. So instead of going to school, he builds a school just for himself. The next day he puts wheels underneath his school. Then he goes on a schooltrip with the whole school...

Illustraties: Philip Hopman
Uitgeverij: Lemniscaat

Originele titel: Het Schoolreisje (Lemniscaat, 0)

Il maglione di Porzillo

'I may be small,' Porzillo said. 'But I can put on my jumper all by myself.'

Porzillo would love to grow taller, but somehow this does´t seem to happen. Luckily he can put on his favourite jumper all by himself. Then one day the jumper doesn´t seem to fit at all. This makes Porzillo very angry...

Illustraties: Gerdien van der Linden
Uitgeverij: Lemniscaat

Originele titel: De Lievelingstrui (Lemniscaat, 0)

This book recieved 'Flying colours' from the jury that annually selects the best books in Holland.

22 Orfanelli

'Elephants are strong and sturdy.' the Headmistress said. 'But children are no elephants!'

22 Orphans live happily in an orphanage and get up to all sorts of wild tricks. One day a Headmistress arrives. She puts the children to bed so they can´t cause any accidents. Then one day all 22 orphans disappear. But strangely enough, there is an elephant in the dormitory...

Illustraties: Philip Hopman
Uitgeverij: Lemniscaat

Originele titel: 22 Wezen (Lemniscaat, 0)

This book has been awarded the Dutch 'Silver Brush Award' for the illustrations.

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