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22 orphans

'Elephans are strong and sturdy,' said the headmistress. 'But children are not elephants.'

22 Orphans live in an orphanage and get up to all sorts of wild tricks. One day a headmistress arrives. She puts the orphans to bed, so they can't cause any accidents. Then one day they all disappear. But strangely enough there is an elephant in the dormitory...

Illustraties: Philip Hopman
Uitgeverij: Lemniscaat

Originele titel: 22 Wezen (Lemniscaat, 0)

22 Orphans appeared in ten languages. It has been awarded the Dutch 'Silver Brush' for the illustrations.

Sam and the construction site

Illustraties: Alice Hoogstad
Uitgeverij: Lemniscaat (USA)

Originele titel: Kom uit die kraan! (Lemniscaat, 0)

Tom the Tamer

Tom's father is afraid of animals. But Tom has a plan. He gets a polar bear from the pet shop in town and tames it. Next day he discovers a big white chair in the house....

Illustraties: Philip Hopman
Uitgeverij: Lemniscaat (USA)

Originele titel: Temmer Tom (2010) (Lemniscaat, 0)

Little Monkey's Big Peeing Circus

'I pee better than anyone else,' said Little Monkey. 'I think I'll start a circus.'

Every day Little Monkey performs in his Big Peeing Circus. He is better at peeing than anyone else. But what he doesn't know is that Mimi knows a very special trick...

Illustraties: Kees de Boer
Uitgeverij: Abrams (United States)
ISBN: 90 8568 101 4

Originele titel: Kleine Aaps Grote Plascircus (Lannoo, 0)

This book will was published in five languages.

The School Trip

'School is fun,' Davy's mother said. 'There are children to play with, and sometimes the whole school goes on a school trip.'

Davy has to go to school for the very first time. He is scared. So he builds a rickety school, just for himself. The next day Davy puts wheels underneath his school. He goes on a schooltrip with the whole school...

Illustraties: Philip Hopman
Uitgeverij: Front Street Books

Originele titel: Het Schoolreisje (Lemniscaat, 0)

The School Trip has been published in five languages.

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